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wholesale jerseys Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA ROOM littered with empty beer bottles, rolling papers, crack pipes and powder covered spoons and lighters.This was the shocking picture that gave the world its first glimpse of the true extent of Whitney Houston’s descent into a life of drug addiction.After the images of her paraphernalia strewn bathroom emerged in 2006, friends say the singer desperately tried to clean herself up and was winning her battle to stay off deadly crack cocaine.But after appearing wide eyed and dripping with sweat on Thursday night at a pre Grammys party, many naturally feared her demons had come back to haunt her.Dressed all in black, Whitney also seemed unusually agitated as she left the Kelly Price Friends Unplugged bash at Tru Hollywood with her hair messed up and gesturing aggressively to waiting photographers.Many believed she was struggling to cope with the pressure of being back in the spotlight.Her upcoming film Sparkle, due out this summer, meant she was big news again after years out of the unforgiving glare of the showbiz limelight.However, fragile Whitney was upset and feeling “vulnerable” over criticism of her failed singing comeback which saw her album, I Look to You, panned by critics.”Her voice was ruined and her comeback wasn’t what it was supposed to be because her voice wasn’t what it used to be,” a close pal said.”She was in pain from all the pressure she was facing. I know from when she was recording her most recent album, her voice was shot.”That bothered her because, in the music industry, you’re only as good as your last hit even if you are Whitney Houston.”It’s little wonder that given this level of pressure and her frail emotional state, some speculated she could return to her previous love affair hard drugs.Especially as the man who many thought set her on wholesale nfl jerseys the path to destruction Bobby Brown was fast becoming a more familiar presence in her life again.Bobby and Whitney had a notoriously turbulent relationship that was beset with destructive drug use and bust ups, and the singer once admitted: “He was my drug.”Whitney had previously confessed how she and Bobby took cocaine and marijuana together through their 14 years of marriage, which finally ended in 2007.During this tumultuous time, Bobby was arrested for drugs and alcohol, and Whitney entered drug rehab twice.However, the pair, who have a daughter Bobbi Kristina together, saw each other only last week for a dinner in Beverly Hills, where the three acted like one big happy family, according to onlookers.The tender scenes in which Bobby held hands with his daughter couldn’t be further from the depravity that engulfed the duo shortly before they split.In 2006, shocking details emerged of Whitney’s drug habit.Bobby’s sister, Tina, revealed at the time how Whitney spent her days locked in her bedroom “smoking crack, using sex toys to satisfy herself and ignoring personal hygiene”.”I did crack with Whitney. She won’t stay off drugs wholesale jerseys.