Mid-West Family Broadcasting Maple Leaf Parade Awards!

The Maple Leaf parade is a one of our favorite Oktoberfest traditions. In fact, parades and festing are serious business in La Crosse and it's high time, you were shown the recognition you deserve! We proudly give you the second annual, Mid-West Family Broadcasting Maple Leaf Parade Awards.

Our panel of celebrity judges eagerly accepted the challenge and will honor those who parade the best ...or adequately! Please look for our judges-stand on 2nd Street across from the radio building and remember to smile and wave!

2018 Mid-West Family Broadcasting Maple Leaf Parade Award categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Princess Wave
  • Best use of a Maple Leaf
  • Best Marching Band Song
  • Best Parade Candy
  • Best Truck with a Sign
  • Best Alumni Band
  • Sexiest Lederhosen
  • At Least You Tried
  • Least Shifty Politician

Each award winner will receive a commemorative poster declaring their Maple Leaf parade prowess for all the world to see!

Let's meet our panel of celebrity judges:

Brittany Styles

Z93 Morning Buzz

After 27 consecutive Maple Leaf parades, I'm well versed in parade greatness. From twirling to dancing,  marching, running, walking and waving to singing, I've done it all. Therefore, I'm highly qualified to judge you, I mean...be a judge. Your move!

Mitch Reynolds

News Director/ La Crosse Talk PM

I'm a former model. That alone makes me better than everyone else. Let the judging begin!

Rachel Chase

KQ98 Mornings

Dave Carney

WKTY - Dave & Skradie in the Morning

As a fan of parity, I will gladly give an award to everyone, regardless. Congrats!


Z93 Afternoons

I judged the Houston Hoedown parade once. I'd say that makes me a veteran parade judge. Please note: my votes can be bought. Incidentally, I like PBR.

Mike Hayes

WIZM La Crosse Talk

I've been a judge a few times, so I know what it's about. It's about the BRIBES. You want my vote. I want dark chocolate...and lots of it! Maybe we can come to some agreement...wink wink...see you at the parade.

Matt Skradie

WKTY - Dave & Skradie in the Morning

I'm from Westby, the greatest city in Wisconsin. What more do you need to know?

Jen O’Brien

Z93 Middays

As a former Miss Sparta and proficient parade waver, I look forward to cheering for you in the Maple Leaf parade! (elbow - elbow - wrist - wrist - wrist)

Keith Carr

Classic Hits 94.7

Samantha Strong

Classic Hits 94.7

Tracy Ballzer

Z93 Morning Buzz

It's only the 2nd time I have not been IN the Maple Leaf Parade in the 17 years. As a former member of the UWL Screaming Eagles Marching Band and employee of Mid-West Family Broadcasting, I've been judging people in line up for years. Why not do it officially?!

Brad Williams

WIZM, KQ98, Classic Hits 94.7 News

They call me The Human Google, due to my astounding memory. I'll remember you, no matter what. Impress me and you might win!