Mid-West Family Broadcasting of La Crosse – WIZM, Z-93, WKTY, WRQT, KCLH, and KQYB – specializes in increasing profits for local businesses. You can benefit from the experience and proven track record of the La Crosse area’s most professional radio stations and marketing team.

It all begins with people. Our sales and marketing executives average over 15 years of experience planning and implementing results – getting marketing strategies for businesses of every size. With this kind of stability, a 26 person marketing team with 300 years of combined experience, we have the expertise and ability to grow your bottom line.

A professional member of our well-trained staff will conduct an in-depth Customer Needs Analysis with your business.  This system is proven throughout our entire company – helping thousands of businesses of all kinds – in communities throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri.

Just like a doctor must examine a patient before he can prescribe the proper treatment, our Customer Needs Analysis allows us to recommend the proper advertising plan for your business.

Cost-Efficient advertising that gets results. At Mid-West Family Broadcasting, we have the ability to offer your business access to six different groups of consumers – to maximize your advertising results.

With our cost-efficient pricing strategies, you don’t just save more money, you make more money! And you can do it all in one place: Mid-West Family Broadcasting!

Dollar for dollar and time for time, Mid-West Family Broadcasting has delivered consistent, profitable results.

We have earned our commanding market share because of our ability to create results-getting ideas that keep customers coming back, time after time.

We invite you to take advantage of our expertise and ability. We welcome the opportunity to go to work for you… to help your business get results… so you can increase profits!!!

Rest assured – we will not ask for your business unless we can improve it.