Addiction and the Family


The Second in a Series of Community Conversations
“A Dad’s Perspective” will be a presentation including 2 panels; fathers who are experiencing or have experienced life with a loved one struggling with addictions; and a resource panel sharing available community services and how to access them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Radisson Center
300 S. 2nd St. La Crosse, WI
(Parking available in Radisson Hotel Lot)

For more information contact:
Coulee Council on Addictions at 608-784-4177

Compassionate Community Faith Allliance
Coulee Council on Addictions
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
La Crosse Community Foundation
Mental Health Coalition of The Greater La Crosse Area
National Alliance on Mental Illness

Live stream of the event available here and provided by Mid-West Family Broadcasting


Addiction and the Family

  • A Community Conversation “A Mom’s Perspective” regarding drug addiction

  • Free and open to the public

  • Wed. Sept. 13th, 6:30pm

  • Cargill Room, 332 Front Street

  • Night includes a clinical overview, stories from families that have a loved one struggling with addiction, group discussion and resources

  • No registration required

  • For more information: 608-784-4177

  • Watch forum live RIGHT HERE or on Facebook

  • A Community Conversation brought to you by Mid-West Family Broadcasting

2017 BrandsFormation Event

Brandsformation Logo

Chuck headshotIn their corner, the big guys have teams of marketing professionals along with large budgets for research and advertising.  Finally, the small business owner has someone in their corner, Chuck Mefford.  In this seminar, Chuck will share real branding success stories as well as his system that any good business can implement, and brand their business just like the big guys.  You’ll love what BrandsFormation can do to accelerate the growth of your company.

notsoldPlease join us!
Thursday, May 11, 2017
MWFB Radio Building
201 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601




Brandsformation bookSeminar includes:
 Getting a return on your advertising investment in tough times?
 You’ve got a great story…how come you’re not telling it?
 Two questions every business must ask themselves.
 Dumb mistakes and how you can avoid them.
 Nothing happens without a great strategy .
 Building your brand with Bricks and Mortar.
 How to measure your advertising results.
 4-step system to BrandsForming your small business.

“Radio advertising was a mystery to me before I started advertising Designing Jewelers. Branding has allowed me to cut through the clutter and be a desti-nation. Even if I don’t get the customer to come in today, I see how building forward equity has helped me stay top-of-mind. The rest of my industry is flat or down, however, my sales continue to climb.”

–  Al Lewis, Designing Jewelers


“All those years in business and I was never convinced radio advertising could help me. The Mid-West Family Broadcasting Branding strategy of a consistent ad schedule and a unique message is helping make us THE place for your listeners to purchase tires or get their car repaired. Thanks for the opportunity to grow from Branding on one station to now three!”

–  Fred Lezpona , Fred’s Brake and Alignment


“They don’t just sell you ads, they sell a branding system. Before Branding with Mid-West Family, we averaged 4 clients per day. Now we’re averaging 20, and even more, on some days! We’ve been able to expand our Onalaska office – twice. We have purchased a second facility in Sparta, and a group home in Onalaska. Are things going well? ABSOLUTLEY! I cred-it Mid-West Family Broadcasting for taking the time to learn about our goals and helping us meet them.” 

–  Amy Kepler, Coulee Region Adult Day Center


“The Mid-West Family Broadcasting Branding strategy is helping make us the place for your listeners to eat, drink, and meet their friends. Now we’re consistently busy seven days a week and sales are growing! Thank you!”

–  Dustin Nimtz, Blue Moon


“Owning a business is like tending a fire. You spend so much time worrying about it going out you never have time to make it grow. Chuck’s program is like gasoline. Use it, and pretty soon all you will be worrying about is growing too fast.”

–  Chris Doerfler, Badger Lawyer





Chili Cook Off

On October 8th Mid-West Family Broadcasting sponsored and participated in the 25 Annual State Bank Financial Chili Cook Off! A great time was had by and of course some $ and awareness was raised for the D.A.R.E. programs.

50 Shades of Mike?

Every year WKTY’s MIKE KEARNS goes on vacation in Arizona and comes back VERY tan!  Turns out they have a few golf courses there.

This year, we played a game called “Guess Mike’s Tan”.  Congrats to our Chief Engineer Chris O’Hearn who had the correct match….”Cinnamon Stick”.

DSC05600 DSC05599 DSC05597 DSC05596 DSC05592

Open House

Curiosity creates opportunity!  You listen to the radio for music and entertainment…but that’s only part of Mid-West Family Broadcasting.  Ever wonder what it’s like to work here?  To be one of the specialists that help area businesses grow?  We’re having an open house on Thursday, March 31st from 8am to 6pm.  Come take a tour and see what it’s like to work in our sales department.  No need to bring a resume or dress like you’re going to an interview,… just come see what it’s all about from the people in the mix.  It’s a sales job that’s not really sales.  It’s helping business grow AND putting on awesome events!  No sales background?  It’s all good.  We’re looking for personality, attitude and drive.  

We’re in the RADIO BUILDING on the corner of 2nd and State Streets in downtown La Crosse.  No appointment necessary.   Just pop on in between 8am and 6pm and ask Megan, “Hey, what’s going on here?”

Questions?  Call Megan at 608-782-1230 and she can answer any questions you have.