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Classic Hits 94.7 plays the songs that you sing along to and remind you of when you first heard them…Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, The Beach Boys and tons more!  Classic Hits is an at-work favorite and is always streaming on our website.  The Classic Hits format is America’s fastest-rising format and now much more popular than Oldies.

The personalities that keep you company between those songs on Classic Hits 94.7 are people you’ve known for years.  Start your day with great music and the longest running morning show in the market, Keith and Sam in the Morning…Celebrating 25 years together!  Keith and Sam bring you The Brain Game, Trivia, and Tabloid Trash, as well as what’s happening in our backyards.  Also keeping you company throughout the day is the handsome and humorous Ken Cooper!  Ken takes you home everyday and cranks your traffic jams to get you there every afternoon on Classic Hits 94.7.

When  your business invests in Classic Hits 94.7, your message reaches affluent, educated adults primarily in the 35-55 age group.  These adults grew up with the songs on Classic Hits 94.7 and still consider it to be the music of their generation.  They are loyal to the music and know that Classic Hits 94.7 is the only place to hear their favorite songs.

The people who listen to Classic Hits 94.7 are active on the weekends, buy “big boy” toys like boats and ATV’s and attend an average of two or more concerts a year.  They are constantly upgrading and enjoy a high quality of life and are likely to purchase a new vehicle in the next year.  They are computer literate, and own at least one computer.  They own and look to purchase DVDs, cell phones, DVRs, iPods, and laptops.  70% are home owners and Classic Hits listeners are above average for having made home improvements and purchasing home furnishings.  Most have attended college and more than half of the Classic Hits audience resides in a household with an annual income over $50,000.  These are family values-orientated listeners who spend dollars on their children/grandchildren, entertainment, travel and leisure.  Adults in that 35-55 age group have the money to spend with you and your business and will spend it.